Town Hall Meeting  - August 10th, 2013

        This was a non-partisan event, held at the Dunwoody Library 10:30am - 12;30pm
We distributed the following notice in many places, as well as sending them to most of the local media. (to read it - see left)
2014-08-10 townhall
          We counted at total of 89 people that attended
All but a very few (that had ties to the local government) were quite appreciative of the opporunity to voice their opinions and find out some FACTS regarding Local Issues. 

We were careful to not endorse any candidates in any way and we did not allow any "political" talk - everything was strictly on ISSUES. 

We had sent out a survey (via "Survey Monkey") to many residents, of which we received 18 replies.  We were asking what issues they were most interested in.  We included all these on our agenda, which we passed out to all the participants.  It was bout 50% Local Issues and 25% State & 25% Federal.

However, we greatly underestimated how many people would attend (luckily we did not run out of room) and how much "action" (discussion)  we would get from the participants so we never got to the State and Federal issues.

At one point, one of the few "dissidents" said we were trying to "dictate" what they should think and that they were misled as to who was putting on the event - hardly possible as all the releases clearly had our name, our goal and that we were not going to discuss politics; and, we offered no opinions and relied totally on the audience for all conversation. 
   I asked how many thought we were NOT trying to sway it and ALL but 2 or 3 raised their hands and then there was a firestorm of people all trying to say at the same time how good it was, how much they appreciated it and how impartial we had been.
    Almost all of the attendees asked that we continue and do again.

Later, we got several comments and emails like the following:
   I know some people got snotty about the meeting Saturday, but it was announced in the Crier on page 15 for all to see and attend.
   SaveDunwoody sent out an email as soon as we heard about this meeting taking place.
  I think having a town hall meeting was a great idea and thank you for your efforts.
So, we think it was a great success and we did learn a few things - like allow more time for each subject, try to cover less in the allotted time and put out the notices a bit earlier.
This photo came from the Dunwoody Talk Blog.  You can see that it was well attended and everybody was paying attention - they discussed issues that were close to their hearts.
"We thank you all for putting this on.  I really thank you.... because WE have not......  When we go to meetings we are TOLD what they are going to do, what they have changed and what we will be ALLOWED to pay for."
"Let me say this..  They got the same invitation that I got - in the Crier...... Why aren't they here on their own?  We don't have to extend a personal hand-written invitation to them. 
There were some comments posted on the DeKalb GOP Facebook page (sometime the next day they were removed!)
They know, if they read the Crier, (someone in the back says: 'It wasn't in the Crier') .. Yes it was!  (most of the people look back and say: 'Yes it was!')  It was a meeting - today. Yes."
Our printed agenda, passed out to all attendees, stressed that this was not to be "political" - and it wasn't.
townhall 8-10-2013
Some officials complained that they were not informed of the meeting.

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