Fabulous 40th Election results of 3-18-2017

Office                                     Contact Info

Chairman: .............................Dick Anderson
                                               dickRDAanderson@gmail.com   770-377-6430

1st Vice Chair:.......................Andrea Merriman-Johnson
      Precinct Development     merriman.andrea@gmail.com      678-799-0401

2nd Vice Chair:.....................Natalie Olmi
      Events                             NatalieOlmi4101@gmail.com       678-602-3344

3rd Vice Chair.......................Brad Goodchild
     Membership                .    bradrocks@netzero.com              770-452-0816

Secretary-Treasurer..............Norb Leahy
                                             .ntl@mindspring.com                    770-394-1284
Active Members:

Steve Simms                        Paul Maner                             Shawn Perkins
Larry Danese                        Alex Johnson                         David Overspike
Marie Vachon                       Kevin Meaders                       Paul Maner
Shari Netzley
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             40th Ga Senate District Meeting Minutes
On Friday, April 12th, 2013, Natalie Olmi called a Special Election Meeting to order at 8:00PM at Village Burger Restaurant in Dunwoody GA.  The purpose was to caucus and elect the 2013-2014 officers for the 40th Senate District.
Nominations were taken for Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
       By an unanimous vote the following people were elected:
          Chairman.................Richard D. Anderson
          Vice-Chairman..........Alex J. Johnson
          Secretary.................Joshua McKelvy
          Treasurer.............. ...James Riticher
We also voted and agreed on some additional committee positions:
          State Legislative Liaison.................Brian Anderson
          North DeKalb Local Government
            and Grass Roots LiaIson..............Norbert Leahy
          Public Relations and
            Citizen Voter Relations.................Natalie Olmi
There were several productive ideas proposed regarding how we can continue the projects already implemented and expand the visibility of the 40th to local governments and grass roots organizations within our area.  A spirited and lively discussion ensued.  One of our goals will be to win over more Independents and others that can be moved to the Republican Party.  We intend to further develop these ideas in the coming weeks and quickly bring these projects to fruition.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Natalie Olmi   Chair
Dick Anderson   VC
                            40th Ga Senate District Meeting Minutes
On Thursday, November 21st 2013, we held a Regular Board Meeting at 5:00 PM at the Village Burger in Dunwoody.. 
   Dick had distributed copies of the DGOP Model Senatorial Rules to the Officers last week, which had been revised for use by our Fabulous 40th.  This gave us enough time to review the amendments off site so we were not going to need to discuss every item in the meeting. 
   Several grammatical errors were  found and Alex Johnson pointed out that the vacant offices was a bit ambiguous and did not allow for proper action to be taken.  The errors were corrected and after some discussion, the solutions were found and Articles V & VI were revised accordingly.  Then the entire document was approved unanimously and adopted as the new “Georgia 40th Senatorial District Rules of the DGOP” . 
   Membership dues were discussed again and it was decided to raise the “suggested donation” to $20.00 but each member could still pay whatever he pleased.
Respectfully submitted,
Natalie Olmi - Secretary
                  40th Ga Senate District Meeting Minutes
On Wednesday, July 17th 2013, we held a Regular Board Meeting at 7:30PM  in Dunwoody.  It was brought to our attention that Josh McKelvey had informed us that he has moved out of the 40th SD and we now have to find a replacement for our Secretary. 
Brad Goodchild volunteered and he was approved by a unanimous vote.
Respectfully submitted.
Josh McKelvey - Secretary
                 40th Ga Senate District Meeting Minutes
On Thursday, August 8th, 2013we had a Special Board Meeting at 7:30PM.   Jim Riticher had asked to resign as Treasurer in order avoid a potential conflict of interest in a run for a non-partisan Dunwoody City Council office and it was brought to our attention that we had overlooked that Brad Goodchild was not qualified to be an Officer according to DeKalb Republican Party Rules dated March 2011 (he is not on the Exec Cmte).  Natalie Olmi volunteered to take on both the additional offices of Treasurer and Secretary.   Both offices were approved unanimously.
   We also decided to form a Membership Committee, which Brad volunteered to direct.  This position was approved by a unanimous vote.
   Last, Brad suggested that, in order to help the Fabulous 40th  promote Republican Principles, we should actively solicit memberships.  After some discussion, we decided to ask new members for at least $10.00 as "Suggested Donation" and, of course, allow them to pay whatever they pleased, which could be nothing.  It was also agreed that we should open a bank account and use PayPal as a means of receiving donations on our website on the "JOIN" page.  Again, the motion was approved unanimously.
Respectfully submitted.
Natalie Olmi - Secretary
Minutes of 40th Sen Dist Meeting, April 6, 2017 at the Olde Blind Dog Pub

The meeting was called to order by Dick Anderson at 7:10 PM, with 13 members attending.
   After the Pledge of Allegiance and a Prayer by Paul Maner, it was noted that the 40th meeting was being held immediately after a DKRA meeting held at the same location.  Several persons who attended that meeting held over for the 40th meeting.  Consequently, there was some immediate follow on of discussion regarding how organizations could partnership with others who had the same, or similar, objectives.
   There was also discussion regarding meetings of other groups in the near term.  Participation in those meetings by members of the 40th was encouraged.
Anderson ran down the newly elected officials for both the DGOP and the 40th.  With Mr. Lane Flynn and Dick Anderson elected Chairman of the DGOP and 40th, respectively. 
   Anderson recognized that DGOP Chairman Flynn and Paul Maner, candidate for the 6th Cong. District Chair, were in attendance.  Anderson recommended that we all try to assist Chairman Flynn at all levels and work in coordination with the DGOP to attain our common goals.  Chairman Flynn gave a short talk reinforcing this and his goal of increasing outreach and memberships in the GOP.  Paul Maner gave a short talk on his plans for increasing the membership and effectiveness of the 6th Cong. District GOP and why we should vote for him.
   Other officers of the 40th are:  Andrea Johnson, 1st VC, heading Precinct Development, Natalie Olmi, 2nd VC, heading Events, Brad Goodchild, 3rd VC, heading Membership, and Norb Leahy, Secretary-Treasurer.  The former Secretary, Larry Danese, will provide bank account records to Treasurer Leahy.
   Anderson led a wide ranging discussion of goals and objectives for the 40th beginning by calling attention to the fact that early voting was underway for the Tom Price’s seat in the 6th Congressional District, with some 8,000 early votes already cast.  It was noted that the Democratic Party will be out in force to try to ensure the outright election of Ossof, with some (rumored) 40,000 operatives in the district through the election on April 18th, so we all need to do whatever we can to ensure a great Republican turnout. 
   After much discussion, it was decided that the goal of the 40th would remain as it has been: 
               “To get the citizens of the Fabulous 40th informed of the facts.” 
   Numerous opportunities for involvement with other active groups, increasing active membership through outreach and the use of social media, such as Facebook & Twitter, to increase awareness of group activities and encourage participation where also actively discussed.  Discussion of how some ideas might be implemented and how information can be disseminated to 40th Voters was discussed but, action was tabled pending further investigation into the issues of social media vehicles, collection of events information and voting records, and methods of updating and audience building can be considered in more detail.
   The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM, with the next planned meeting in May.
Respectfully submitted,
Larry Danese, acting Secretary

         Next Meeting:  NONE yet scheduled for 2018
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