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  Open Letter to the CCRP 

I wrote this in response to a post on Facebook but wanted to make sure that those who do not have access to Facebook can see this as well. 
Please contact me at 678-905-1522 or rick.davies (@) cherokeecountygop.com if you would like to discuss. I’ve only fixed spelling and grammar errors, the rest of the message remains unaltered.
    When I decided that I wanted to lead this party, I had a vision in my head of things I wanted to do and things that I thought we, as a party, could accomplish that would allow us to be seen a a force for change and improvement in not only the county but in the state.
    Most of you know that I am a pretty straight forward person who likes to try and see all sides of an argument and attempt to make some logical decisions based on the input at the time. Upon seeing Franklin’s posting here in the forum as I left the Cherokee County Forums in Canton I called him to see what was going on. He explained it to me, I expressed some thoughts to him on the situation and then proceeded to head to KSU to see the end of a presentation I was invited to.
    I would first like to address Franklin’s post and then I will address the subsequent issues which came up after the fact.

Question #1: Are we now becoming the Cherokee County Libertarian Party?
Answer:    No, the Cherokee County Republican Party is the REPUBLICAN party and as such we support the ideals, planks, and values as espoused in the 2012 Republican National Platform which can be referenced here: 2012 Republican Platform - GOP

Question #2: Many feel that Libertarian views and GrassRoots not being concerned with the social issues is a problem.
Answer:        If you feel it is a problem, address it with me. My number is 678-905-1522 and my email is rick.davies@cherokeecountygop.com. I appreciate you reaching out to Franklin and asking him to post on your behalf, however, if you have a concern do not use a proxy, take it up with me. I will be glad to address any concerns with any member of the party or any resident of Cherokee County when it comes to the views of the CCRP. I know Franklin wants to open a dialog but asking him to do this on your behalf puts him in the middle and that is not fair to him. Once again, address it with me.
    I have stated time and again that under my tenure this party will be open and transparent and that we ALL need to work together to move this party ahead in the coming months and years. To that extent I will say this:
    If your intention is to be a roadblock, barrier, or problem please leave now. If you will be unable to work with the party, its’ members, the newly elected board or our supporters to help further the cause of the Republican Party, please leave now. This goes for our members and our newly elected board members. We must all work together to fix the larger issues within the Republican Party and the sniping, bickering and backhanded comments must. cease. now.
    I want this party to be representative of every facet of Republicanism that believe in the party and its’ mission. I cannot and will not speak for the Grassroots organization but I have been attending the meetings, listening to and working with them for the last few months to address issues and concerns that they have had with things going on in the county and within the party and, honestly, I will continue to do so like I will attend (whenever possible) tea party meetings, 9/12 meetings, Republican Women meetings, Teen Republican meetings, Young Republican meetings, College Republican meetings and any other group that shares our core values to try and truly make this a “big tent” party again.
    Do I expect every single member to agree with each of these organizations? Do I expect every member to be supportive of every issue as espoused by the Republican Platform? No. We are all individuals and, as such, we all have different ideals which are important to us. Some may consider abortion the most important issue that we as Republicans should deal with. Some may consider immigration the most important topic we should deal with. Some may consider the elimination of Obamacare the most important issue we should deal with. The bottom line is that different topics will be of concern to different people but their embrace of (or lack thereof) a specific issue does not make them any less of a Republican or a “libertarian.”
    If they are members of the Republican Party they are NOT “libertarians”, they are Republicans.
    Tonight we heard one of our Republican Forum attendees say something that resonated with me: “We must become the party of ‘We’.” Every single time an issue like this comes up and it is addressed in a public forum in an anonymous way or through a proxy, “WE” become weaker. “WE” become fragmented, “WE” become less effective, “WE” will continue to allow our opponents to weaken us and, eventually, defeat us.
    Folks, it is simple. I am here to listen to your concerns and, as best as I can, address them. If you have a concern, address them with me and me alone. As YOUR chairman I will do my best with the information I have at hand to make a fair, honest and logical decision on these issues. We may not always agree but you will always know where I stand and that I am doing what I feel to be in the best interest of every single member of this party and, ultimately, the Republican Party as a whole.
    Now is the time to realize that we must unite to be strong. Young, old, black, white, Liberty lovers, GOP stalwarts, tea partiers, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, fiscal AND social conservatives and every single step in-between.
    I ask you to join me in making this vision a reality and restoring not only our party to the strength it once was but also making Cherokee County a model for a truly inclusive party that functions as a single entity moving towards a common goal.
    Thank you for reading this and I look forward to working with ALL of you.
-Rick Davies
CCRP Chairman
Taken from the Cherokee County Republican Party website (2013)

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