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Big Upset at 2013 DeKalb County Republican Convention
  157 Republican Delegates registered this year for the DeKalb County GOP (DGOP)Convention, 
  with 63 Precincts being represented.  Several unusual things happened:

  1.  They Delegates were told that they were going to have to hurry through their work as they only
       had the hall until noon.  Then they were asked to vote to accept the Agenda as written.
       It showed that all the Politicians were going to speak BEFORE their important work of
       selecting and voting on Officers for the DeKalb County GOP, members of the County
      Committee (which essentially rules the County GOP) and Chairmen of the several
       Senatorial Districts within DeKalb County - a lot of work to be done.
           A motion was made to postpone the politicians' speeches, in view of the severe time
       constraints imposed, until AFTER their important work was completed.  The motion was
       seconded, voted on and APPROVED by an overwhelming majority of the Delegates
       present.  The politicians present were visibly upset and made a few absurd motions and
       snide remarks.  Some of them wanted to get out early as they had other things scheduled
       for that day.   Apparently, they thought their personal time was more important than that of
       their employers - the Taxpaying Delegates present.
          The Delegates were told, among other things, that U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson had a tight
       schedule and probably would not be able to come later. 

  2.  A lady, who will remain nameless, DeKalb's National Representative to the Republican
       Party, later announced from the Podium that Johnny's group had called saying that Johnny
       had decided to not stop in, and that Alex Johnson had called Johnny and told him not to
       come.  Alex quickly jumped up and said "That's a lie - I did no such thing."  She said "Well,
       it really doesn't matter".

          If it doesn't matter;
                     Why name Alex specifically across the floor to the whole Convention?
                     Perhaps somebody would like to poison support for Alex Johnson
                     in his bid for Georgia State Chairman - against the "Old Guard".

  3.  The Rules Committee presented their "Slate" of recommended candidates for all the
       Officer positions of the Dekalb GOP and the Convention was asked to vote on the entire
       Slate at one time, as is the custom.  Other candidates were then nominated from the floor to
       challenge those recommended for Chairman and all the other positions, except Treasurer.
          A motion was made that the voting be done by Secret Ballot and it was also passed by an
       overwhelming majority.
                               Why would everybody want to spend more time voting?

       All the candidates were given the opportunity to give a short speech on why they should
       be chosen.  The voting proceeded without any significant problems and every one of the
       candidates recommended by the "Old Guard" on the Slate were defeated by their
       largely younger Challengers - again all with large, overwhelming majorities.
     Brian Anderson was elected as the new DeKalb County Republican Party Chairman.

  4.  Then, they divided up the Delegates, by Precincts within each Senatorial District (a new
       recently adopted procedure) to caucus to choose a person from each Precinct to be a
       Member of the County Committee (which runs the County GOP) and represent each
       Precinct on the County Committee.  This went fairly smoothly, if not quickly.
          Then, each Senatorial District caucused as a group to elect their Chairman, which
       proceeded quite smoothly.
       Henly Shelton was elected the new Chairman of our Fabulous 40th Senatorial District.

  5.  The other officers for the Fabulous 40th will be elected at the next meeting of the 40th,
       which will be announced by Henly shortly.

  It can safely be said that the Delegates were not much interested in hearing from our present
  Elected Officials, that the Old Guard is not interested in having Alex Johnson elected to be the
  Georgia State Chairman,  that the Delegates did not trust the outcome of verbal "aye or Nay"
  voting, that the majority of the Delegates were not impressed at all by the candidates chosen by
  the "Old Guard" and that they were ready for a "Change of the Guard" as evidenced by the
  overwhelming majorities cast for all the largely younger Challengers.

   Congratulations to:

   BRIAN ANDERSON, our new GOP Chairman & HENLY SHELTON, our new 40th Chairman
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